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The SolteQ job network

We are looking for employees and sales partners

SolteQ is worldwide market leader as R&D company for clean energy technologies, as well as manufactor.

All SolteQ products are manufactured to 100% in own locations..

Our focus are technologies for CO2-free energy, high quality products (NO far east), and a good support of our customers and sales partners.

We know that only constant development and good cooperation with our sales partners will lead to mutual success.

Due to a wide range of products, high product quality from Germany and fair margins, as well as fair end customer prices and good service, we have a very good market response. This is also shown by the growing number of partner companies that come exclusively from the construction industry, because we only support them.

Our philosophy: The roof has to stay with the roofer!

All the energy that the house needs underneath is already on the roof. SolteQ has developed a roof especially for roofers that combines 3 properties: a) weatherproof roof covering, b) electricity, c) heating.

With this we want to “save the world”, together with the roofer.

SolteQ continuously offers vacancies and jobs

The following jobs are currently on offer

Participate and benefit with a young, expanding team!

Great products which is fun to participate in the development or to advise customers. Not “sell”, but “advise”. Customers buy a good product themselves.

Opportunities in sales

SolteQ offers different models

Salesperson / Area Manager

on permanent employment

Become a permanent member of the sales team with a (low) basic salary and a good commission.


As a tipster, you can recommend interested customers to us and you earn money every time.

Freelance commercial agent

As a freelance commercial agent, you do not enter into any obligations.

Salesperson / consultant for energy roofs D - CH - A (m / f)
Permanent position or on a freelance basis
Top - opportunity for field service employees who want to really get started

Construction / Roofing department - assignment of regional representatives

As a sales representative, it is your job to increase sales and expand business with existing customers by selling products and services while acquiring new customers. As a sales representative, we will equip you with the necessary resources to carry out your task (car, telephone, iPad, product samples and information, etc.). In addition, there is constant support from managers and office staff. The principle also applies to sales representatives: Success creates freedom. There are no limits to your performance.

As an area sales manager, your job is to lead, motivate and support a team of sales representatives in order to offer our customers first-class service. This also includes creating the basis for each of “your” sales representatives so that they can perform their tasks. Regular training will help you with this. As an area sales manager, you need team spirit and camaraderie with a high degree of respect and loyalty to “your” sales representatives.

As a branch manager (SolteQ solar roof centers - SDZ). With a friendly, fast and efficient service you cover the direct needs of our customers. Your goal is to sell the customer exactly the products he needs at the moment - and maybe a little more. As a branch manager or employee, the service concept is even more important. The satisfaction of our customers should come first for you.

The SolteQ energy roof

The new generation of roofing is revolutionizing the construction industry!

Best know-how + Made in Germany + unique position + TOP product + TOP earnings!

Thanks to an extraordinary portfolio with unique selling points, enormous potential and good remuneration rates, there is a TOP chance for the main focus of the HV business.

SOLTEQ is a manufacturer of solar roof tiles and is looking for reliable sales partners who would like to sell our products in the field.

Our products are sold exclusively through local, competent specialist advice, including in cooperation with the local roofer. Due to the very positive market acceptance in the roofing sector and the customer's request for an aesthetic energy solution, we are now expanding and looking for sales partners.

SolteQ offers more than just a good job

With excellent and professional advice to customers, we offer tailor-made solutions for energy generation with the aim of achieving the highest possible level of self-sufficiency for electricity and heating energy and away from fossil fuels. 100% clean and CO2-free electricity generation and the whole thing with increased earnings for the customer. Selling is fun!

Are you willing to give EVERYTHING and earn really good money? Then you are right with us !

Don't worry, we are not looking for a column of pushers and are a fair employer.

But the basic requirement is: You want to earn money - and you should too!

You don't get anything for free from us, only

a) a good product

b) a fair product price

c) a very good market that is open

d) Unique selling point

In the hand.

Everything else depends on you!

What we offer you:

Dynamic and visionary company with flat hierarchies / family atmosphere / team spirit

Fair dealings

A product with a unique selling point in the market

A product that the customer needs (every house needs a roof)

A product that is fun to sell

A customer who has to spend money on a normal roof and is interested in PV. You just have to show him that he can get a much more aesthetic and higher quality solution than standard PV for the same price - you can't “not sell” at all!

You are INVITED by the customer, you are no longer a supplicant!

Freedom / Independent and responsible work

Sole distribution with our products in your region, you are not subject to any price war!

Fully equipped, with all demo material, demo case, state-of-the-art laptop, quotation tool, mobile phone and mobile printer.

Multiple sales channels (B2C + B2B) and double the success rate!

A product with three distribution channels - three possibilities for success:

B2C: pre-qualified online inquiries that you receive from us free of charge - sales are carried out via the local sales partner -

B2C: self-acquisition of end customers via regional construction trade fairs and door-to-door - sales are carried out via the local sales partner -

B2B: Sales through roofers and Architects' rail self-acquisition + contacts from us


As SolteQ, we develop and produce high quality products and we also aim to build high quality sales with a top sales team. The prerequisite for this is that everyone in the team has the same goal: Earning good money with a good product and honest advice, no push-button sales.

We offer you an undreamt-of chance to earn good and fair money, but we also make demands:

What we are looking for:

- Professional salespeople whom we don't need to train to sell

- People who have completed a commercial training and / or

- have many years of experience in sales

- Real salespeople who can deal with people well and honestly (NO push-button mentality)

- Sellers who enjoy high-priced products that require explanation

- Sellers who dare to build their own B2B sales network.

- Sellers who do not have the question that at least 1 sale per week cannot be made in the start-up phase.

- People who want to do something good and still want to earn money.

- Sellers who want to earn “real” money, because nothing is capped! And this is exactly what we support even more, because only then do we also earn money.

SolteQ principles:

1. We are looking for highly motivated salespeople who want to earn a lot of money

2. We are looking for highly motivated salespeople with a lot of sales experience who we don't have to show how to sell

3. You SHOULD earn a lot of money, we are not looking for a seller who goes home with 3,000 euros.

4. Your motivation should be: - Earn as much money as possible through commission!

     - Earn as much money as possible through as many sales as possible.

     - The base salary is only important for the start.

     - And “earning a lot of money” is only possible through commission.

Regional manager

SolteQ is expanding and is looking for competent and motivated sales professionals for different regions across Germany in order to build and expand sales. Salespeople and specialist advisors are to be acquired, trained and managed independently in order to build up a sales structure in the relevant region.

The goal is good, honest and professional advice.

Please apply in electronic form with your CV and photo (e.g. pdf) to